Thursday, July 30, 2015

IF: Nature

Pen & Ink, Watercolors
Here's a quick photo of my picture for the Illustration Friday word, "nature". I've always loved the idea of aeolian harps--somehow the wind and the tree playing music together seemed like a fitting thought for this week's theme.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The GIFs Told Me!

"There's something good coming up in this episode!" my sister will say as we start watching a show. "The GIFs told me!" I always get a mental picture of The GIFs--don't they sound like mischievous little flying creatures?--hovering around and whispering spoilers in the unwary fan's ear. Only solution? Avoid Tumblr until you've watched All the Episodes! 

This is another time-lapse process video attempt--hey, I think my filming setup is improving somewhat--maybe next time I'll be able to keep my head out of the shot completely! Again, I started with a Non-Photo Blue Pencil  sketch, inked with my favorite Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens (dark sepia, fine and superfine points) and then added watercolors.The whole inking/painting process took a little over an hour.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cinderella's Swing

Um, yes, this is a rather obvious mashup of the 2015 "Cinderella" movie and Fragonard's painting "The Swing". But as soon as I saw the movie I knew this needed to happen!

I started with a light sketch in Non-Photo Blue, then turned on the camera when I started to ink with Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens and add watercolors and a touch of Watercolor Pencils--but my camera ran out of space so the whole coloring process wasn't recorded. Oops. 

The entire picture took maybe almost an hour to complete?--the video captures the first 45 minutes. It was a good challenge to do the whole thing (except for the blue sketch, which I'd done earlier) in one sitting with minimal correction--just keep scribbling and hope any mistakes can be fixed as you go along--certainly good exercise for any paralyzingly perfectionistic tendencies I may have!

This is my first time-lapse video, so it's kind of an experiment. Hopefully next time I will have learned to keep the camera focused and steady, figured out better lighting--and remembered to keep my head out of the way!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

A Sudden Caterpillar

Pen & Ink with digital color

We're in the third year of a tent caterpillar invasion here; they're finally starting to disappear, but there were several weeks when you couldn't venture outside without having them drop on you from above or squish underfoot (most unpleasant in bare feet, as I know from unfortunate experience)!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jane Austen Dress Up App--now live!

So, I've been rather absent from the blog for the last month, but that doesn't mean I wasn't drawing! If you follow me on Instagram you probably know what was keeping me busy--Jane Austen Dress Up!
Above is the menu screen graphic, which also found its way into my Storybird shop.

This project involved lots of dresses, and lots of hair--some of my favorite things! I'm still not comfortable enough with my tablet to go all-digital for the initial linework, so here you see my inks, all ready to scan, clean up, and digitally color.

I learned a lot about things like spritesheets. It was super fun to see the spritesheets full of colored dresses and accessories!
Here are some screenshots of the finished app and the different item selection screens.

 One of the (many, many) screenshots I've saved with the app--you know, what I've been spamming Instagram with. ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Only a Paper Moon

This was a just-for-fun piece I did a while ago, though I'm only now getting around to posting it! I enjoyed designing the stylized stage scenery--I wanted the stage to be colorful, while the framing curtains look pale and monochromatic. And of course that's my favorite-ever sort of dress to draw!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

IF: Ruckus

They passed several Stirlings, who groaned and reflected that now spring was come they would encounter that shameless pair everywhere. 
My sister gave me The Blue Castle for my birthday last week. I'm remembering again just how much I like this book, and suddenly I had to draw Valancy and Barney out for a drive in Lady Jane Grey.

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Storybird Interview

Last week Storybird interviewed my on their blog. I've enjoyed being part of the Storybird community, and I was happy to share a bit about myself and my work! {read the interview}

Thursday, March 19, 2015

IF: Strong

Dip pen & ink
My great-grandfather fired on a steam shovel in the late 1890s. The story is that the ornery engineer went through a lot of firemen because he complained they weren't keeping up. He came back to chew great-grandpa out because he wanted more pressure--and just then the safety valve popped off! That kind of took the steam out of him. (Heh, heh.) 

This is for a personal project I just started, tentatively entitled "My Great-Grandmother's Accidental Double Wedding". Family history, picture-book style! Next I'll do an ink wash and add some watercolors.
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