Illustration Friday: Propagate

February 23, 2010
Propagate: "Transmit from one generation to the next," which is just what this old-world Grandma is doing as she teaches her granddaughter to knit. Maybe the yarn was spun on the spinning wheel sitting behind them.
Apparently I haven't scanned the finished watercolor, so the pencil sketch will have to do for now!

On my desk: Bluegrass!

February 16, 2010
I was inspired by watching my niece as she wandered through a group of tall guys playing bluegrass, bobbing her head to the music. A quick sketch, the pen-and-ink tracing, and now the partially-finished watercolor is sitting on my desk waiting for the final touches.

Illustration Friday: muddy

February 06, 2010
She slipped into the pond; her mother will be glad it wasn't too muddy!
(Personally, I'm still in knee-high snow mode--no mud for another month or two.)

Illustration Friday: Focused

February 04, 2010
So intent is his observation of the ant hill that he is quite oblivious to his sister--whose attention is focused elsewhere!

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