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IF: Mr. Bennet Remains Immovable

August 31, 2010
After realizing how many literature-inspired entries I've done recently, I decided that Pride and Prejudice couldn't be left out any longer! I have to admit that the quote is actually from the '95 movie version, so it is not strictly canonical Austen. Oh well. :)
Pen & Ink wash

I should love to go sea-bathing!

Mrs Bennet
A little sea-bathing would set me up for ever.

Mr Bennet
And yet I am unmoved.


Custom blog header

August 26, 2010

I spent most of yesterday evening working on a blog design for my sister. We brainstormed ideas and finally came up with one we liked.
I started with a quick, small pencil sketch, then transferred it to the computer with my wacom tablet. The finished picture was created in Corel Painter. (I had fun making the repeating wallpaper/background design, too!)
It's amazing how easy it is to draw quickly when the picture is already clear in your head. Although . . . I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and realized that this character didn't come wholly from my imagination . . .
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IF: Star Gazing

August 16, 2010

Just got home from a busy weekend to start a busy week, so for this week's Illustration Friday post I'm using an ATC-sized watercolor I did a while ago. I was experimenting with salt to create a star effect in the sky, but my wash must not have been quite right, or my salt was the wrong sort, and the effect didn't come out quite as I had hoped. Time to try again!
Elizabeth Gaskell

IF: "Caged" at Cranford

August 10, 2010
Were I a morbid artist, for the word "caged" maybe I would draw the mouse that ran across my desk last week, then later--at least I hope it was the same mouse--expired in a two-liter bottle (don't ask me how it got there). But, as I am not a morbid artist, and as I drew a mouse for an Illustration Friday challenge already, I turned instead to Elizabeth Gaskell's short story, The Cage at Cranford.
 Pen & Ink wash
Miss Pole said:
‘Although I am not accustomed to give an explanation of my conduct to gentlemen, yet, being insulted in my own house by — by Mr Hoggins, I must appeal to the brother of my old friend — my very oldest friend. Is this article a lady’s petticoat, or a bird’s cage ?’


August 05, 2010
Pen and ink drawing, digital shading
What's behind the old wooden door? I'm not sure--but even baby and the dog will get in on the adventure!
illustration friday

IF: Artificial

August 04, 2010
"Artificial" made me think of an incident in Jerome K. Jerome's book Three Men in a Boat. An enormous stuffed trout in a glass case catches their attention, and, one after another, five different men--including the landlord--wander through the room and tell the story of how they caught it. Who was telling the truth?
Pen & Ink wash

     It really was a most astonishing trout. The more we looked at it, the more we marveled at it.
     It excited George so much that he climbed up on the back of a chair to get a better view of it.
     And then the chair slipped, and George clutched wildly at the trout-case to save himself, and down it came with a crash, George and the chair on top of it.
     "You haven't injured the fish, have you?" I cried in alarm, rushing up.
     "I hope not," said George, rising cautiously and looking about.
     But he had. That trout lay shattered into a thousand fragments - I say a thousand, but they may have only been nine hundred. I did not count them.
     We thought it strange and unaccountable that a stuffed trout should break up into little pieces like that.
     And so it would have been strange and unaccountable, if it had been a stuffed trout, but it was not.
     That trout was plaster-of-Paris.

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