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January 03, 2011

One resolution I don't need to make: Read Lots of Books. It just happens. :)

This is part of a salvaged watercolor from my first drawing for the Spooky Wodehouse Story post back in October. I loved the girl's shoes . . . but the rest of the picture just wasn't working. Can I throw away a piece of watercolor paper? Of course not! (Anyway I like having unique, artsy bookmarks.)

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  1. Its a cute bookmark, love her shoes, too. I do so love your thumbnail collection how did you do that? it's wonderful!

  2. Love those red shoes!!! Great style :D

  3. love those shoes, I want a pair just like them!

  4. I love those shoes too! I was hoping you would have this bookmark in your shop. Too cute!

  5. Thank you all! I want a pair of shoes like that, too--I'll just have to wear them vicariously through my artwork, but if anyone finds a source . . . :D

    Heather, I answered your thumbnail question on that page. Now to start on the 2011 collection!

    Julie, my sister also told me I should make the bookmark available. I may do that. :)


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