Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anniversary Watercolor (& IF: Gesture)

Watercolor, Pen & ink

My parents recently celebrated their anniversary, and this was my gift to them. They were married next to a river, so I pulled out the old wedding photo albums for inspirations on clothing, setting, and poses. (I love the Gunne Sax dresses!)

5 Children & It

Today I discovered a new blog, Uncovered Cover Art, and was inspired to create a cover for one of my favorite children's books, "Five Children and It," by Edith Nesbit. (If you've never read or listened to Edith Nesbit, you should do it now!) Here is my entry
I rendered the illustration using the liquid ink pen in Corel Painter X. Looking at the intricate silhouettes of Arthur Rackham (above) is inspiring--and challenging!