Lady Clare watercolor

March 20, 2012
Pen & ink, watercolor
Here's the Lady Clare sketch inked and watercolored--and with a digitally corrected spelling mistake
(Roland to Ronald--I'm conveniently blaming it on dyslexia.) :)

Lady Clare sketch (if: Intention)

March 06, 2012
Pencil sketch; I plan to finish it in ink and watercolor
Lady Clare had no intention of keeping Lord Ronald ignorant of the truth . . . 

I've long been planning to do some illustrations from Tennyson's poem Lady Clare; though it can't compete with J.W. Waterhouse's painting (left) I'm quite happy with the results so far.
[Here's the finished Lady Clare watercolor!]

In other news, today The Really-Truly Princess Test was showcased on The Children's Book Review!

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