IF: "Caged" at Cranford

August 10, 2010

Were I a morbid artist, for the word "caged" maybe I would draw the mouse that ran across my desk last week, then later--at least I hope it was the same mouse--expired in a two-liter bottle (don't ask me how it got there). But, as I am not a morbid artist, and as I drew a mouse for an Illustration Friday challenge already, I turned instead to Elizabeth Gaskell's short story, The Cage at Cranford.

 Pen & Ink wash
Miss Pole said:
‘Although I am not accustomed to give an explanation of my conduct to gentlemen, yet, being insulted in my own house by — by Mr Hoggins, I must appeal to the brother of my old friend — my very oldest friend. Is this article a lady’s petticoat, or a bird’s cage ?’

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  1. This is wonderful! I love how you are illustrating literature for IF prompts! Your style is just perfect for the classics!

  2. you have a wonderful vintage style. so great to see it!

  3. Great post and illustration, Amanda! Their poses are perfect and I love the text. Sorry re: the mouse issue..wow, I don't want to know how it got into the 2 liter bottle...yikes! I agree with Krista, that your style is so perfect for the classics...wonderful!

  4. Thank you all. :) I hadn't realized how many of my recent IF pictures are literature-inspired until you said that, Krista! I do love my library--as is perhaps evident. :)


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