IF: Proverb

September 16, 2010

 Pencil drawing--unfortunately photographed rather than scanned :)
For centuries past the ruling monarchs of Barodia had been famous for their ginger whiskers. "As lost as the King of Barodia without his whiskers" was indeed a proverb of those times. A King without a pair, and at such a crisis in his country's fortunes! It was inconceivable. 

A. A. Milne, author of  "Winnie-the-Pooh," also wrote a fairy tale called "Once on a Time." If you like Milne--or fairy tales--or both--you might want to check out the free Gutenburg e-book (with illustrations by Charles Robinson). No time for reading? There's also a free LibriVox audio dramatization!

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  1. Wonderful sketch/illustration, Amanda! You really have the classics down beautifully. Thank you for the links!

  2. Beautiful sketch! Full of life and depth.

  3. Lovely sketch - like the detail


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