IF: Dusty

January 22, 2011

 This week I took out my spinning wheel (it's a Kromski Polonaise--a fun name for a really beautiful wheel). Was it ever dusty! I think it needs a tune up and lots of oil before it's ready to go again.

That reminded me of a picture I started a summer or two ago when I was experimenting with spinning milkweed down. I thought it would make a good fairy tale: the princess who spins the thread for her ball gown of milkweed down.

I discovered that it doesn't really spin that well (the fibers are too short and slippery)--but what's the fun of being an artist if you don't take artistic license once in a while?

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  1. I love to spin, but haven't done it in ages. I'm sure my spinning wheel is dusty and in need of a tune up also, it's a Louet so it's not pretty like yours. I really like your illustration and a milkweed dress is a lovely idea and no more far out than spinning straw into golden thread ;)

  2. I love your work~I am such a fan~your beautiful illustrations never fail to elicit a smile.

  3. Nice gesture and expression. Makes me think of dowsing.

  4. Oh, Amanda..this is such a magical illustration! What a beautiful girl and Kromski Polonaise! BEAUTIFUL!

  5. My mom has a Louet. I finally got my wheel going last week. Spinning is so mesmerizingly relaxing . . .

    Thank you all! Maybe someday I will be inspired to finish the illustration and create the story. :)


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