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The Great Pumpkin

 All summer we'd almost forgotten about the giant pumpkin vine growing behind the rows of corn, so it was a surprise when this giant showed up! At about a foot and a half in diameter it really is a giant. Such an impressive pumpkin couldn't be wasted on a regular jack-o-lantern face . . . . I looked around for carving inspiration in the style of Arthur Rackham's silhouettes and came up with this dragon silhouette by Aaron Pocock (visit his site for more great artwork!) My sister and I decided would be perfect if we added a castle to wrap around the width of the pumkin, and set to work with our super-specialized carving tools . . . that is, x-acto knives and kitchen spoons. A few hours and a high-powered light later (the walls are so thick that a candle wouldn't do the trick!) the dragon was ready to guard our front door. There's another pumpkin waiting in the kitchen . . . I think Cinderella's carriage might be on its way.

They Draw and Cook: Herbes de Provence

Busy summer . . . but I did find time to illustrate a new recipe for They Draw and Cook . (Here's my other recipe illustration which was included in the TDAC cookbook !) Inked linework--her look is at least slightly inspired by folk costumes from Provence Digital color in Corel Painter X