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IF: Reflection

Mentioned briefly in "The Last Battle" is Swanwhite the Queen, so beautiful that her reflection lingers in the forest pool for a year and a day afterward. I imagine that the dryads would come out and look at it after she'd gone. Pen and ink, scanned & cleaned up in Inkscape and digitally colored. There's a bit of the sketch on my instagram . And hurrah !--we are two months into 2015 and I have so far kept my Not-Officially-Resolution to post something every week for Illustration Friday. 

Sailing on a Leaf

I sketched this last fall for Inktober . It took me a while to get it scanned, cleaned up, and colored, but this adventurous little lady is now featured in my Storybird and Society6 shops! Here's the original idea scribbled in a margin, and the pen and ink sketch:

IF: Metropolis

Mark my words, there's an Aunt at the bottom of it.