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IF: Ruckus

They passed several Stirlings, who groaned and reflected that now spring was come they would encounter that shameless pair everywhere.  My sister gave me The Blue Castle for my birthday last week. I'm remembering again just how much I like this book, and suddenly I had to draw Valancy and Barney out for a drive in Lady Jane Grey. Visit Society6 for prints of my illustrations, including this one !

Storybird Interview

Last week Storybird interviewed my on their blog. I've enjoyed being part of the Storybird community, and I was happy to share a bit about myself and my work! { read the interview }

Queen of the Pond

Although the pond in front of our place is still covered in ice and there will be no frogs and turtles for a while, there's all sorts of hopeful springishness (is that a word?) in this picture!

IF: Path

      Breaking a path through the snowy woods is excellent exercise--though I'm not too sorry that our snow is almost gone already! Pen & ink sketch, scanned and digitally colored. Here you can see the steps of the coloring process. I've recently picked up stranded knitting, and Norwegian Selbu patterns definitely influenced the boy's sweater and mittens! The girl's coat detail was inspired by Norwegian rosemal designs.