Dr. Who Came from the Stars (fandom mashup!)

What do you get when you combine Dr. Who with the Korean drama You Who Came from the Stars? "Dr. Who Came from the Stars," of course!

Here's the time lapse video showing my inks. I scanned the linework and colored it digitally. (Full disclosure: as you can see on my instagram, I also watercolored the original, but with very indifferent results . . . I'll blame it on the first time trying this paper, ok?) Despite my sometimes wibbly-wobbly perspective--don't look too closely at the Tardis!--I really like the finished piece.

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My sister still can't believe that while I was traveling last year I passed up not one--not two--but three opportunities to take a selfie with cardboard cutouts of the hero from You Who; do you think she'll finally forgive me if I give her a print of this picture?


  1. YASS Doctor Who forever. And aha, I see you do the same thing I do with putting paper under your hand so it doesn't smudge. XD

    1. Protecting the drawing is always a good idea!--though I sometimes have to remember the hard way... :)


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