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Anne and the Doctor

Another fandom mashup--Doctor Who and Anne Steele! All the text was taken from Sense and Sensibility, so I think it's safe to say that Anne would consider the Doctor a potential beau if he ever had the misfortune to meet her. :) Get a print (or t-shirt, or iphone case) of this illustration at Society6!

Catching up!

The last month or so has been really busy for me, but here are a few recent pieces, all pen and ink linework with digital color. a giant terrarium, perhaps? Growing up, I'd scour the woods for interesting lichens, and I think something like giant pixie cup lichen found its way into this picture! Check out my Tumblr for a process gif. Winter's just starting, but it's never too early to think about spring, right? If Rapunzel had a smartphone, I think she would have been addicted to posting Instagram selfies and surfing Pinterest for embroidery designs and hair tutorials. You can see the colored pencil version of this on my   Instagram --no selfies! ;)

Pumpkin Art

My sister and I decided on an "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" theme for this year's giant pumpkin carving. It's not quite as large and impressive as the dragon we carved a few years ago, but this is one of our favorite fairy tales and it made us happy. :)