Illustration Friday: Harvest

It's been a while since I've submitted to Illustration Friday, but this week's topic, "Harvest", fits well with this illustration from George and the Dragonvine of George and his mother finishing the harvest and preparing the garden for winter. My sister and I just did this--hauling squash and cucumber vines out of the garden, that is, not dragonvines!--and it's a pretty prickly job. I think I should have drawn my characters wearing gloves!

In other news, my Jane Austen coloring book Kickstarter is over 340% funded--WOW! We've reached a couple of stretch goals, so now all coloring books will come with two mini art prints! I'll post those up on the blog soon, or hop over to the Kickstarter campaign's update page for a preview!

Mr. Collins thinks Lady Catherine would want you to pledge and get your own copy to color:

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