She Coloured: 24 Illustrated Jane Austen Quotes!

If you've been following along on Instagram, you've seen lots of Jane Austen art over the last month or so--well, today is the day the Kickstarter for She Coloured: 24 Illustrated Jane Austen Quotes goes live! I really enjoyed putting together the book and the rewards. You can see all of the illustrations and quotes included in the coloring book on this page.
 Here are some of the other rewards you can get in addition to the coloring book!

I had some fun writing Austen-inspired testimonials from characters in the books. Mrs. Elton is first in line to tell us what she thinks of coloring:


  1. How adorable, coloring books for teens and adults are all the rage. My little sisters like them, so I think I will share the free pages with my sisters.

    1. Thank for sharing the pages, Livia! My littlest sister has been a major cheerleader as I've worked on this project. Sisters are kind of the best. :)


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