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Imaginarium: A Graphic Novel (read it online free or pre-order now!)

If you follow me on Instagram , are one of my Patreons , or get my newsletter you probably know what's been keeping me busy lately... My first graphic novel! I've been posting the story online in weekly episodes (it finishes the end of April 2019--you can catch up here!) and now I'm ready to print it as a 100+ page book. This is what 100+ pages of story looks like--whew! You can check out the Imaginarium Kickstarter campaign if you'd like to pre-order a signed copy of the book--plus some other fun stuff like posters, pins, and original artwork!  Oh, and I have one last thing to share... free wallpapers! :)

Creating a Graphic Novel Part 3: Sharing the Story!

Hello friends! Here is the final part of the 3-part series about creating my webcomic/graphic novel, Imaginarium . Part 3: Sharing the Story Guys, I've decided this is my favorite image from this series of emails: 100 pages (+2 short stories) all in one place! Yay! Now I have a story...but who will read it? My goal was always to make a printed book, but I knew that online it would find a wider audience as a webcomic. So, it's time to make Imaginarium webcomic-friendly! I took my finished pages, chopped them up, and rearranged them into a long, scrolling format that's easier to read on small screens. It was an interesting challenge to reformat my pages, making lots of decisions on how to cut and space the panels to give a smooth reading experience! I tried to choose natural breaking points for each weekly episode, usually turning two pages into an episode. I used several different cover images for the story...I'm still learning and experimenting, but the goal is an intr