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How I designed the Anne & Diana enamel pins!

Hello, friends! Today I'm launching my first-ever set of hard enamel pins on Kickstarter! You can get all the details here. Designing the Anne & Diana Enamel Pins The design process for these pins started with some tiny, 1" scribble-sketches in the back of my one-year project planner. (Side note: this planner has become an inspiration/idea catch-all in addition to weekly project to-do lists and I'm really loving it!) Next, I opened Clip Studio Paint and sketched the idea again digitally. The finished pins will be about 1.25" tall, so I scaled my sketch accordingly! I used a black brush to draw my final line art over the blue sketch. The black lines are on a new layer so I can easily hide the sketch when I'm finished. And here are the lines without the sketch behind them! The lines show the part of the pin where the metal will show. Now the fun part--color! I chose the colors from a Pantone color chart to help make sure the actual pins are more-or-less the col