Color a Jane Austen Greeting Card!

Hello, friends!

If your March was anything like mine, it was quite...unexpected. (Anyone else feel like you've video chatted more in the last month than the rest of your life combined?)

I'd like to share a happy distraction, so here is a collection of 12 Jane Austen greeting cards to print and color--for free!

If you need something fun and relaxing to do, get out your colors and turn on a Jane Austen audiobook!* Bonus: You'll have a card to send to a friend. :)

Click here to download the FREE printable PDF!
Six pages (2 cards per page)
formatted for 8.5" x 11" paper.*I recently re-re-listened to Persuasion on LibriVox, narrated by Elizabeth Klett--she does an amazing job on this and many other Jane Austen books!

As you can see, the Jane Austen pins arrived, and I love them! My sister and I spent a few afternoons last week sorting, packaging, and shipping out the first orders. It's super fun to see my designs come to life.

Thanks to my amazing Kickstarter backers, the limited edition Elizabeth pins are gone already, but the other four pins are now in the shop!

I hope you've all been staying safe and healthy. I appreciate you sharing this space in your inbox with me, and hope I've been able to make it a little brighter today!



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