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A Watercolor Timelapse Video 

Hello, friends! Today I have a video to share! I decided to timelapse this watercolor painting I did for Questless . It was easier to record than I remembered, so maybe I'll record more of my painting process in the future. You can watch the timelapse here! See the painting process for Questless's alternate watercolor cover! In other news, I just posted the first episode of FOUND , my 5-episode short story comic! It was interesting adapting my art style to a scrolling format with minimal dialogue. I think I'm pleased with it so far: take a look! Now I'm off to make sure I have the next episode ready in time...and maybe I'll have some FOUND behind-the-scenes videos to share in the future. Thanks for joining me on this journey! Amanda

It's almost time for my new book to come out!

Hello, Friends! Spring is slowly springing around here (I saw some wild violets this week!) and I'm looking forward to summer's arrival. I'm also looking forward to working on a few new projects... Questless If you’ve been following me for a while you probably know about Questless, my ongoing webcomic/graphic novel . I'm glad to have the opportunity to share Questless with subscribers over on Line Webtoon , but I'm excited to see the story on the pages of a book, the way I designed it. And now that Chapter One is almost done, it’s time to print the book! But if there's a book, that means I need a cover... So for the last week I’ve been brainstorming cover ideas, and I think I found it! Here’s the rough sketch, and a rather sloppy color test. Since I finished most of the artwork for Questless a few months ago and then tackled another project in a different style--more on that in a bit!--getting back into the Questless groove for the cover took a little time. (And