A Watercolor Timelapse Video 

Hello, friends!

Today I have a video to share!

I decided to timelapse this watercolor painting I did for Questless. It was easier to record than I remembered, so maybe I'll record more of my painting process in the future. You can watch the timelapse here!

See the painting process for Questless's alternate watercolor cover!

In other news, I just posted the first episode of FOUND, my 5-episode short story comic! It was interesting adapting my art style to a scrolling format with minimal dialogue. I think I'm pleased with it so far: take a look!

Now I'm off to make sure I have the next episode ready in time...and maybe I'll have some FOUND behind-the-scenes videos to share in the future.
Thanks for joining me on this journey!


  1. Just lovely to see the time-lapse, and the change of style is wonderful, too!


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