It's almost time for my new book to come out!

Hello, Friends!

Spring is slowly springing around here (I saw some wild violets this week!) and I'm looking forward to summer's arrival. I'm also looking forward to working on a few new projects...


If you’ve been following me for a while you probably know about Questless, my ongoing webcomic/graphic novel.

I'm glad to have the opportunity to share Questless with subscribers over on Line Webtoon, but I'm excited to see the story on the pages of a book, the way I designed it. And now that Chapter One is almost done, it’s time to print the book!

But if there's a book, that means I need a cover...

So for the last week I’ve been brainstorming cover ideas, and I think I found it! Here’s the rough sketch, and a rather sloppy color test.

Since I finished most of the artwork for Questless a few months ago and then tackled another project in a different style--more on that in a bit!--getting back into the Questless groove for the cover took a little time. (And why don’t I label my layers and color schemes better instead of thinking I’ll surely remember what my plan was?!)

Questless will be 6 chapters/books long, and I plan to make the covers all fit together. I think it will look really neat, but it also means I have to have a rough idea of the design for the adjacent covers months before the rest of the artwork is finished!


Before I go into full Questless: Chapter Two mode, I'm doing a short story, FOUND, that I'll share online as a scrolling webcomic and also eventually print as a picture book. I wanted to experiment with a new inking and coloring style, and this time rather than creating a page format first, I'm planning it as a scrolling webcomic from the beginning. We'll see how it goes!
The first section of FOUND will be online at the end of the month.

Psst...if you remember the arctic mermaid and polar bear watercolors & free coloring pages from a few years ago, FOUND is a spin-off of that idea!!!

Jane Austen Cards

I’m glad so many of you enjoyed the free Jane Austen greeting card printables. A few had questions about sharing the file—feel free to share the download link wherever you want! I just ask that you share the download link for people to get their own copies of the cards, rather than sharing the PDF file directly with them.

Thanks so much for letting me share these projects with you!

Happy spring!