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My Latest Book Project...a Sneak Peek!

Hello, Friends! In January I told you my two main story/art goals for the year. Well, I've completed one (print Questless Chapter 2 ) and I'm working on the second; printing my short webcomic, Found, as a full-color, 102 page picture book/graphic novel. How I Found This Story If you've been a member of my mailing list for a while you might remember these watercolors I did in 2017--almost five years ago! I didn't have a story for my arctic duo, but still sketched out a few ideas for a cute, fairytale-like ending. In 2019 I found them a storyline (with the help of a thieving seagull and a glowing narwhal) and illustrated a 5-episode webcomic . Here you can see some of my initial planning for the webcomic! (There are also pages of polar bear studies which are extremely terrible and will not be shared.) 😆 Now, spring of 2022, I've finally finished converting the scrolling art into 8" x 8" pages, and am ready to share the story with you in print! The Kickstart