My Latest Book Project...a Sneak Peek!

Hello, Friends!

In January I told you my two main story/art goals for the year. Well, I've completed one (print Questless Chapter 2) and I'm working on the second; printing my short webcomic, Found, as a full-color, 102 page picture book/graphic novel.

How I Found This Story

If you've been a member of my mailing list for a while you might remember these watercolors I did in 2017--almost five years ago!
I didn't have a story for my arctic duo, but still sketched out a few ideas for a cute, fairytale-like ending.

In 2019 I found them a storyline (with the help of a thieving seagull and a glowing narwhal) and illustrated a 5-episode webcomic. Here you can see some of my initial planning for the webcomic! (There are also pages of polar bear studies which are extremely terrible and will not be shared.) 😆

Now, spring of 2022, I've finally finished converting the scrolling art into 8" x 8" pages, and am ready to share the story with you in print!

The Kickstarter campaign goes live on May 3rd, and you can sign up now to be notified when it launches.

Sign Up Now!

Next week I'm going to share a behind-the-scenes look at finding a color scheme for Found. I'll also give you a sneak peek at a new, non-book reward I've never done before and am super excited to share with you in this Kickstarter campaign!

Until then,


P.S. In case you missed the Kickstarter, Questless #2 is now available on Amazon!


  1. I love seeing sketchbook development pages, inspirational!


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